Why Mirage Net Hosting?

It’s Really Very simple…
Finding a good web hosting company should be as important to you as your website. We all know there are a multitude of hosting choices available to you. For online business or anyone else that wants their website taken seriously, free services are usually worth exactly what you pay for them… and it’s just bad business paying more than you need to for half of the services that you should expect to get.

Consider All of These Important Factors:

  • Dependability
    Our network is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day by qualified technicians. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can be sure your site has full exposure at all times to web users around the world. With RedHat Linux 7.3 and Apache HTTP Servers backed by the most up-to-date versions of Perl, PHP, MySQL Database and FrontPage Extensions support, you are assured the capability of operating the most complex of professional competitive sites on the Internet.
  • No Advertising
    Most cheap and free hosting companies use you for their own advertising needs. Whether it be pop-up ads appearing when someone arrives at your site, banner ads placed on your pages, or those pesky watermarks that follow your visitors up and down your pages, the fact is, you’re advertising what THEY want you to. Mirage-Net’s hosting is free from any outside advertising other than what YOU choose to put there.
  • Professionalism
    Let’s look back at the last reason. Your visitors will know as soon as they see a pop up, or those watermarks, that you did not see your business as valuable enough to invest in quality hosting. Worse yet, that banner ad put on your site automatically…advertises YOUR COMPETITOR!
  • Privacy
    Have you ever noticed the privacy policy listed on any of these types of hosting companies sites? No? That’s because they don’t have one. In addition to the advertising they place on your site, you may just find your email box filled up with their “valuable” offers. Mirage-Net’s privacy policy is simple: we do not release your email address or any personal information to anyone, for any reason. At most, we will contact you with new updates and to notify you about changes that pertain to YOUR site.
  • Limits
    Do you expect your website to grow? Many hosting companies limit your traffic allowance heavily as well as the amount of space allocated to you for your web pages. When you outgrow those limits, time to search for another host, relocate your site, etc. etc. With Mirage-Net’s hosting plans, your traffic allotted is substantial, and when your site outgrows your space, we can upgrade your account quickly and easily.
  • Features
    Most hosting companies charge additional, if they offer at all, special features such as shopping carts, site submission services, MySQL and PHP database abilities, and even something as common as a cgi-bin with pre-written scripts. You may not know what any of these are right now, but believe us, you will eventually need them.
  • Support
    This is our personal favorite. Free hosting companies offer little if any support, and many other hosting companies promise you technical support by offering a “customer support form” to fill out. In our more than 20 years of doing business on the Internet, our experience with these forms is that they may or may not get answered, and if they do, who knows when. Our Mirage-Net team is available to answer your questions via toll free access – yes, you get to speak to a real person!
Our success depends on YOUR success!
  • Additional Services
    Mirage Net Web has been providing internet services since 1997. Along with our quality hosting services, we can custom design and program your website and/or handle your database needs.

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